Bank Holidays and Beer Gardens

Bank holidays are those eight days a year most of us rejoice and celebrate the luxury of an extended weekend. They’re also the time that most Brits pray for sunshine in the hope that we can pair the bank holiday tradition of drinking lots and spending our precious extra day recovering in bed, with basking in the great British sunshine. If the weather turns lovely … Continue reading Bank Holidays and Beer Gardens

Friends, Frites & Crème Brûlée

Now I’ve started going to the gym I’ve begun to take my ‘cheat’ days very seriously. Not that I’m on a super strict crazy ‘eat clean’ diet anyway, but i’m implementing far more greenery on the plate and less digestives with my tea as a rule lately. So on those days when I decide to let the veggie intake slip, I plan on indulging big … Continue reading Friends, Frites & Crème Brûlée