Turntables and Top 5’s

l really love music and always have, which I suppose goes hand in hand with having trained in dance. I love so many different types of music, and the most annoying thing is when I get asked what my favourite band is, or album or song. I can never answer instantly because i’m worried i’ve forgotten something or someone that I love or I can’t pick just one. Inspired by National Record Store Day this weekend and the fact that this post goes with the theme that my blog is to read back in 10 years time and remember 22 year old Alice, here are my top 5 albums ever (so far…)


At the start of the year I bought myself a beautiful Crosley Cruiser turntable which seems to be a craze at the moment. I’m sure serious vinyl buffs turn their nose up, but the fact is they’re easy to use for those who want to enjoy music on vinyl as well as coming in amazing colours. I’m fortunate enough to have managed to get 3 of my big 5 on vinyl so far so have included pictures of the versions I have.


1. Life’s A Riot with Spy vs Spy – Billy Bragg (1983)

Favourite Song: The Busy Girl Buys Beauty

This is a recent favourite that actually happened after my dad bought me this on vinyl. I’ve always loved Billy Bragg and his poetry, my sister bought me a Faber & Faber anthology of his lyrics for christmas called A Lover Sings but since having this on vinyl, its become my most listened to in my collection.


2. Original Pirate Material – The Streets (2002)

Favourite Song: Lets Push Things Forward


This album reminds me of driving around South East London with my boyfriend, it’s the best driving music especially at night. I jumped on the band wagon with this one pretty late I’ll admit it, but now The Streets are one of my favourite bands and this is definitely my favourite of their albums.


3. The Smiths – Hatful of Hollow

Favourite Song: Still Ill

If anybody asked me who my favourite band of all time are I would have no problem saying The Smiths without any hesitation. I’m sure a lot of people would say the same. My parents are both Smiths fans and they each had a copy of Hatful of Hollow from when they were younger and gave one to me and my sister each.


4. Alt-J – An Awesome Wave (2012)

Favourite Song: Something Good

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.19.49

This album screams uni to me! It was released while I was in my first year and it reminds me of walking to and from the dance studios and around Chichester. We also used to put it on in the studio to warm up to before class, especially Taro. But my favourite song will always be Something Good as it brings back fond memories of sunny Chichester.


5. Sigur Ros – Ágætis byrjun (1999)

Favourite Song: Staralfur

An ex boyfriend introduced me to Sigur Ros through the classic post rock gateway song, Hoppipolla. I became obsessed with their album Takk for a while until when watching Wes Andersons Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou I heard another of their songs I recognised – in the scene where they are all crammed into the submarine and spot the jaguar shark. I got goosebumps watching that scene and then listened to Ágætis byrjun over and over in its entirety and its now overtaken Takk as my favourite Sigur Ros album.



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