Queen Bey @ Wembley | The Formation World Tour

Unless you live in a hole, you were probably very aware of the fact that a certain woman of royalty was in London this weekend. We aren’t talking English monarchy royalty, oh no, much better. We are talking Beyoncé. Queen of the Beyhive, Lemonade maker extraordinaire and number one Independent Woman.

After months of concerts in the US, her Formation World Tour finally touched down in London, and she sold out Wembley for 2 consecutive nights after already playing in Cardiff and Sunderland’s Stadium of Light.

I bought my tickets back in April, for £90, which was a standard standing ticket. It seemed a lot, but I knew it would be worth it and as soon as I heard the opening twang of Formation and the 90,000 Beyonce fans in Wembley Stadium roaring, I knew it was worth every single penny. NO REGRETS.

Me and Christia giddy with excitement

She came on late, but to be expected – 45 minutes to get all dressed up and all that. This didn’t bother me too much as me and my friend didn’t even try and squash ourselves into the front of the crowd for a close up, so we were comfortably chilling about a third of the way back into the audience. Her warm up act was Tinie Tempah who brought out Zara Larsson and they performed Girls Like, before leaving after a super short set. Then it was time to wait for B herself.

She came onstage at about 8.30, opening with Formation and welcoming London to the Formation world tour as her troupe of immaculately dressed dancers paraded out behind her. Goosebumps everywhere.

Here’s the London set list in full…

  1. 1.Formation
  2. 2.Sorry
  3. 3.Irreplaceable
  4. Bow Down
  5. Run the World (Girls)
  6. Mine
  7. Baby Boy
  8. Hold Up
  9. Countdown
  10. Me Myself and I
  11. Runnin’
  12. All Night
  13. Don’t Hurt Yourself
  14. 14 Ring The Alarm (including samples of Naughty Girl & Independent Women)
  15. Diva
  16. Flawless
  17. Feeling Myself
  18. Yoncé
  19. Drunk in Love
  20. Rocket
  21. Partition
  22. Daddy Lessons
  23. Love On Top
  24. 1+1
  25. The Beautiful Ones (Prince cover)
  26. Purple Rain
  27. Crazy In Love
  28. Naughty Girl
  29. Party
  30. 30, Freedom
  31. Survivor
  32. End of Time
  33. Halo

There’s been a few articles going around that fan’s were disappointed that she didn’t play some of her hits such as All the Single Ladies. Yeah, sure that was a bit of a shocker, but by no means a disappointment! For a singer to have as many hits as Beyoncé does, if you continue to release more music its inevitable that you’re going to have to cut some hits out of your set list.

If you were to make a list what she missed then you’d be there a while because she just has THAT many bangers. Sweet Dreams, Green Light, 7/11, Freakum Dress, Grown Woman…the list could go on and on. She played pretty much every song from her new album Lemonade, a lot of the previous album (which were both things to be expected) and then everything else was an amazing bonus. There were a few of my favourites that I didn’t expect her to play such as Diva or End of Time, so I was super grateful, and then for her to throw in some Destiny’s Child as well was just dreamy.

Beyonce smashed her London dates, the staging was incredible, her voice sounded even better in real life than it does on recording and the atmosphere and the feeling in that stadium was magic and full of people who were just in awe of what a spectacle the Formation World Tour was.

Bow down bitches.


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