I’m officially adulting.

I am of adult age.

Adulthood, I am you right now.

I’m twenty three and I feel a bit sick about it but its ok because everything is actually very fab.

I just got the dreamiest job, have top mates, live in lovely London of course and have a wonderful boyfriend and family. Lucky thing.

I thought once I turned 21 – and was swiftly told ‘your next big birthday is the big 30’ – that birthdays would become a bit of a bore, but they are getting better with age I swear.

I know i’ve been lapsed with posting for a while (give a girl a break!) but as i said, I got a new job, went on a holiday and let things slide….for about a month oops.

But being happy all weekend and doing such wonderful things kicked my butt into gear. And here I am, laptop open and ready for you oh blogging world.


My birthday celebrations kicked off on Friday evening in The Book Club in Shoreditch. It went pretty much how most birthday nights out go, sensible drinks and chatter turned into shots that are disgusting but compulsory into Beyonce music video level dance moves into end of the night chicken.



It was great and my friends are the best drunken movers and shakers i’ve ever had the privilege of sharing a nightclub dance floor with. Magic.


Saturday started groggily but after everyone recovered and had gone back home to their respective beds to be hungover in, me and my boyfriend Jake headed to Brighton.


It was my birthday day out and he took me for ice cream, fish and chips and a hearty helping of arcade games on the pier. We couldn’t have picked a better day and the whole outing was so dreamy.

Being somewhere that wasn’t London or Essex was weird, but good weird. Perhaps one day i’ll be writing a Brighton Love Letter, because I think i’m in love.


You’d think my birthday celebrations would be over by now, but Sunday was my ACTUAL birthday. 14th August 1993 was the day this face graced the earth thanks to my wonderful mum.

I think she’s as surprised i’m 23 as I am.

I spent the day in Greenwich Park with equally amazing weather as the day before, and a ridiculously good picnic (i’ve said it a million times but mum it was amazing). Sushi, sandwiches, hummus, chicken, fruit, cake, prosecco, pimms…..it goes on.


To be in my favourite park in the whole world with all my favourite people – apart from my sister (outrageous) – was the best way to spend a birthday.

To close the day, I had a birthday burger with my nearest and dearest on a rooftop in Greenwich and watched the sunset over The Shard in the distance.


Burger in hand looking over the city I love – 23 you’ve been good to me already. Here’s to a year of fun.





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