Films for under a fiver: The life changing magic of the Peckhamplex

Going to the cinema, as a past time, is a national treasure.

There’s nothing that screams ‘date night’ more than a trip to the cinema and then having to quickly shake yourself down of stray bits of popcorn before your date sees you (and then finding a bit in your hand bag when you get home).

Essentially, going to the cinema is sitting in an armchair in front of a giant TV watching the latest high action, high budget blockbuster that you probably wont watch again until it’s on ITV in a couple of Christmas’ time.

Now that’s not to say that its not worth going to the cinema. It really is. And obviously films look so much better on large screen and in surround sound such as recent releases like Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts and other large budget CGI-fests.

But I do hold a grudge about paying £12 for me to go and see the latest re-make of the Blair Witch Project.

Why would I see that? I was curious, and it was a bad move…but I wouldn’t have to feel even worse about seeing a bad film if I didn’t pay twice the minimum wage for a bloody ticket.

Enter the Peckhamplex.

If you’re reading this and you’re south east London born and bred, you’re probably wanting to scream WELL DUH ITS THE GREATEST.

You’re right, and it’s my new favourite. If you’re new to the city then you probably have never heard of it, but you really should have.

The Peckhamplex is an independent cinema just off Rye Lane in Peckham. But unlike many independent cinemas in London that can often be pretty pretentious or just too damn arty farty, the Peckhamplex shows all the latest releases.

But the best bit? An adult ticket will only set you back £4.99.

Wave goodbye to the £15 blow to the purse for a pair of tickets, in good old SE15 you can bag a pair for under a tenner.

But over the last couple of years, the cinema has stopped being south east London’s little secret as it has won two consecutive Time Out Love London awards confirming the fact locals love its pink walls to bits (yep, it’s pink and purple inside).

Of course it’s not an IMAX screen, and no there’s no option to sit in those weird double armchair love seat things that you can find at fancy Picturehouses. But you can see a film and leave knowing that even if you did just hate every moment of it you haven’t been ripped off by a Cineworld.

It’s fairly retro inside, but that’s what makes it loveable and locals so fond of it. Much rather fairly priced pick and mix and affordable tickets even if it’s a bit old school inside.

I’m now a fully fledged Peckhamplex convert – sorry Picturehouse and Cineworld but i’d much rather stay local and not get ripped off for my pick and mix.


4 thoughts on “Films for under a fiver: The life changing magic of the Peckhamplex

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    We love this Love Letter! Thanks! A couple of comps await you any time at The Plex.
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