A Sunday stroll around Kew Gardens.

I’ve finally emerged from the anti-blogging cave I’ve been in recently.

I didn’t know when I’d get back to it but I knew it would be when I had something worth writing about happen, and it has! I have ticked something off my London Bucket List.

This weekend I had a magical (and chilly) visit to Kew Gardens!

Now you might think a day spent outside is a silly idea at this time of year, but as long as it wasn’t raining I wasn’t too bothered!

I had never been to Kew Gardens (my poor excuse being it was ‘too far’) so when I woke up and there was no rain in sight on Sunday I was excited to go.

Heading from South East London to South West London sounds easy, but yes it is quite a way although totally worth it once we arrived.

It’s £15 for adults to enter (£14 if you book online) and that allows your to explore everything on the 120 acre site all day! (Check what time it shuts before you head there as closing times vary season to season).

We entered at the Victoria Gate entrance and naturally the first thing you’re drawn to is the giant Palm House which is essentially a giant greenhouse for tropical trees and plants. A particular bonus is that it’s warm in there as the climate imitates that of tropical countries which was a relief after the cold outside.

The green walkways inside take you from Africa across to the plants of South America and down to the bottom of the ocean (there is a marine exhibit underneath – look for the stairs!).



The most wonderful part was the stairs that took you up to the roof of the greenhouse for a birds eye view of the plants and walkways down below.

Reluctantly, we left the Palm House and then headed back out into the cold to see what else we could find. The only criticism I would have about visiting at this time of year is that some of the exhibits are closed such as the enormous Temperate House which is home to some giant plants as well as the Pagoda.

But this has only made me want to return later in the year because as is the nature of nature, colours change and I’m sure Kew will look totally different when I return in spring or summer.

After, we meandered around for a bit visiting other parts of the gardens such as The Hive installation (which simulates what its like to be inside a Beehive) and the Bamboo Garden before we came to the attraction I was really excited about – the Treetop Walk!

It is a 18 metre high, 200 metre long walkway through the trees above the arboretum there. You catch a lift up to the top (which is higher than it looks) and take a walk across the tree tops on a metal walk way thats not totally opaque – if you’re nervous of heights, don’t look down.

It gave great views across the gardens towards the Pagoda too, but my hands were far to cold that high up to take a photo!

I left feeling fully green and really wanting to reduce my carbon footprint to save the incredible greenery in tropical parts of the world whose habitats are being threatened.

One visit to Kew really hit home to me how without plants the world couldn’t survive and if you go along and visit for yourself I’m sure you would agree.


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