Colour In The City

If you asked me to list all the things London does best we would be here for hours.

It’s fab, the title of my blog suggests I love it and so it shall stand. But one thing I think London deserves a particular pat on the back for is its offering of free art.

One artist that has been splashed across the Instagram pages of many a Londoner this summer thanks to some amazingly accessible exhibitions is British artist Camille Walala.

If you’re thinking you haven’t heard of her you might be right, but you’ve probably scrolled past one of her kaleidoscopic creations on the ‘gram with one of your pals candidly posed in front of her colourful creations a bit like this…

Walala 2.jpg


How could you not resist but fill your camera roll with snaps of her colourful works of art? Especially as one of her installations this year is like being inside a literal colouring book. If you head South East to North Greenwich and visit the NOW Gallery you get a chance to explore the colourful corridoors of Walala x Play, a temporary exhibition, and be dwarfed by bright shapes at the free art space on the Greenwich Peninsula.

The installation can only be described as what it probably looks like inside Walala’s brain. Geometry and pops of colour covering every nook, cranny, floor and wall of the space – you can see why it’s the perfect blog fodder.

Walala 1

Walala x Play runs until the 24th September at the NOW Gallery so you’ve not got long left to pay the multi-coloured playground a visit, but if you are thinking of cramming a visit in then why not pay a visit to the London Design Festival while you’re at it which ends on the same day.

walala 3.jpg

They too have jumped on the technicolour Walala bandwagon and have commissioned her as part of their festival which spans London for the week of 16-24th September.

Her piece, Villa Walala, is a graphic blow up installation in the heart of London’s city making the suits and financial buildings seem even more bland than they already do.

Situated in the middle of Exchange Square tucked behind Liverpool Street station the pop up sticks out like a surprising sore thumb amongst the glass and concrete. Sit on a deckchair inside or sit around it on the painted steps and take it in, it won’t be there for much longer.

More Art: In Case You Missed It…Boticelli Reimagined At The V & A


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