Vegan Berlin: 5 Restaurants For Plant Based Tourists

First things first, I’m not vegan.

But I’m most definitely not adverse to eating vegan and when I took a trip to Berlin with my best pals, one of whom is of the plant based variety, I knew we’d be eating ethical food galore.

Part of me assumed that this would take some level of research, knowing London the way I do, there’s lots to cater for vegans and veggies but not nearly enough that you could stroll along a street and find somewhere with minimal effort.

This ease is what Berlin offered, a vegan eatery (with veggie and meat options in most cases) near pretty much every tourist landmark we visited.

So in an attempt help you eat green in the German capital, here’s my top picks…

Little Green Rabbit

Our lunchtime refuel at Checkpoint Charlie consisted of Thai soup for me and chocolate vegan chilli soup for my friends.
Just round the corner from famous Berlin Wall memorial site, Checkpoint Charlie, is Little Green Rabbit. A quick and easy lunchtime spot full of vegan options without alienating any meat or cheese loving travel companions.

Berlin gets cold in the winter, but their hearty range of soups, jacket potatoes as well as salads will warm you through on the snowiest day trudging around the city.


They also have restaurants in two other locations around the city; Gendarmenmarkt and Schultheiss Quartier.


Probably my favourite meal of the entire trip; My Quang, a spicy noodle soup containing seitan and tofu made with coconut milk and lemongrass.
Opposite the Volksbühne, the formidable looking ‘Volksbuhne’ (People’s Theatre) sits SOY, a Vietnamese vegan restaurant.

In a tranquilly decorated restaurant, diners can enjoy reasonably priced and incredible food with a menu bursting with tofu and seitan based dishes from bao buns to noodle soups.

They also have a lovely drinks menu which serves a large range of green teas and juices.


Looking for a quick and light meal on the go? Good Bank have got you.

Along Rosa Luxemburg Strasse, just round the corner from the imposing Fernsehenturn on Alexander Platz is this unusual ‘vertical farm restaurant’.


They grow all the leaves for their salads on site to avoid pesticides and any other nasty stuff.

And if you’re with a meat eater, perhaps it will make you feel better to know that what they are eating is sourced to the highest standards of sustainability and animal welfare.

Their coffee is good too.


We all know that feeling of walking around a city all day and just needing some kind of comfort food to refuel. Well Dolores offers that, but you might not be able to stand up after.

Their range of Mexican food – burritos, tacos and quesadillas – offers a lot in the way of vegan eats and I dare you to try and finish eating their ‘vegan friend’ option.

My friend grabbed one of these and a slice of vegan banana bread, she didn’t manage to finish the burrito let alone start on dessert but the next day she reliably informed me that it was damn good.


They have two branches; one in Mitte near to Alexanderplatz and one in Wittenbergplatz.


With three locations across the city, there’s no excuse not to visit Madami if you’re a hungry vegan.

Another Vietnamese haunt with incredibly vegan friendly ways; they have an entire seitan page on the menu.

Tom Yum soup (hot and sour) containing glass noodles, mushroms, tofu, tomatoes, beans and onions.
With two locations centrally near Alexanderplatz and one near Zoologischer gardens you shouldn’t be too far away from one of these.

Beware, the portions were huge!

London, I love you but Berlin definitely trumps you on the vegan front.


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