Why the best way to see a London is by using your legs.

There are a million ways for tourists to see London without needing to actually walk anymore.

Of course, for those with accessibility problems then an open top bus truly opens up a previously hard to navigate city.

You won’t see much with a roof over your head…

But Rock Cabs? Afternoon tea on a double decker? A ghost bus tour? Are these really necessary ways to view a city?

(Also how does afternoon tea on a bus work logistically when up against roundabouts? A nightmare, surely.)

It’s not a uniquely London thing however. In New York they have a bizarre coach trip called ‘The Ride’ where passengers sit sideways looking out of a glass wall as you drive through Time Square.

This seems a little extra…

These tourist gimmicks are taking away the best part of exploring a city; having a wander.

I like London, a lot, clearly. And my most favourite thing is strolling around its streets and seeing what you can find. You could live in London your whole life and never possibly walk down every single one.

This applies to every city. The charm of stumbling across an alleyway with some ‘grammable wall art, finding a locals spot or the satisfaction of finding a previously undiscovered short cut.

My favourite place to buy flowers in London; an old ambulance outside Greenwich station.

Yes, there is an undeniable charm to driving along the embankment in the back of a black cab, or rolling through Piccadilly Circus on a bus.

But these moments are precious because they’re fleeting; where’s the fun in being stuck to a seat for hours?

Throw the map away and use your legs, who knows where you might end up.


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