Secret Gardens

For me, being a relatively new Londoner, i’m constantly finding new places to visit. Whether it be by the power of Google, word of mouth or by accident I love finding a hidden gem in our lovely city. Living in Greenwich, i’ve visited the park countless times and even before I moved to SE10. Sitting at the top of the park on the bench in front of the observatory is one of my favourite places in the world. Theres nothing better than sitting and watching the sun go down and the orange light stretching from The Shard all the way across the horizon to the O2 Arena and touching everything in between.

Today, while having a walk through the park with my boyfriend I found a place i’d never been to before. Jake has lived in the London Borough of Greenwich his whole life and often takes me to places he used to go to when he was younger and today it dawned on him he’d never shown me this particular place in Greenwich Park. Its one of those places you remember fondly as child, a secret place that (you think) nobody else knows about. Tucked at the bottom of the steep drop behind the Royal Observatory on the west side of the park is The Old Royal Observatory Garden which is a small gated flower garden with trails and walkways embedded in the side of the observatory hill. And the perfect place for a picnic in the summer….

Today was marathon day in London, and although I didn’t quite manage 26.2 miles I did have a lovely walk through the park and across the heath and gave myself a reminder of how grateful I am to live in such a pretty place – and that’s on a grey day in April, I can’t wait until the sky is blue.


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