Garage, funk and golf made of junk

Being a lucky old Londoner, im within pretty close proximity to some pretty cool stuff that visits the capital (unless it’s in West London, then from Greenwich that’s basically like going to Mordor). And in the summer, unique and pretty bonkers concepts seem to flock to the capital. One such oddity that has recently arrived in Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery fresh from success in Manchester is Junkyard Golf.  It’s a crazy golf course, made from………junk!

Now that in itself sounds great, but paired with amazing drinks, food, music and 3 courses with amazingly witty and punnily named holes this was one of my favourite nights out that I’ve been on recently.

We chose two out of the three courses to try, Pedro and Helga, and grabbed our balls and clubs and dived in. In traditional crazy golf style there were loop the loops, bridges and all the classic holes but all with a twist. One of my favourites was a string of garage themed holes on the Helga course, one in particular being ’21 seconds to go-olf’, a hole that you had to complete in……you guessed it, 21 seconds. Garage music played in the background while a screen counted down from 21 with flashing images of all the UKG legends from So Solid Crew to, er, Dane Bowers. It was the attention to detail and humour in holes like this that made the night super fun, and with Cherry Lambrini behind the bar, I was sold pretty quickly.

If you go along to Junkyard Golf, check out Love Specs, crazy glasses that turn every light into a rainbow of hearts which are being sold to raise money for charity Love Support Unite a charity providing education, support, healthcare and skills training for children in Malawi


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