New Orleans to Boston; My dream trip

I’ve never done a gap year or ‘gone travelling’. Sure I would love to, but the way things panned out after graduating – internships and incredible opportunities showing themselves – there has never felt a right time to say ok, I’m going to drop everything and book a flight.

Despite not having a huge period of time to see the world, I feel like I’ve done pretty well and have no complaints. Since graduating university in 2014 I’ve been to Lisbon, Berlin twice, Bologna, Barcelona, Paris, Cyprus, Ibiza, Mauritius, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Rome and New York which I don’t personally think is a bad use of annual leave for just under three years.

But there’s a part of the world that I do crave a trip to; but that means more time and money than I’ve had at my fingertips so far; a grand tour of the USA.

I’ve mentioned it briefly on Instagram and in my last blog post here but I’ve been shortlisted in the top ten for the Post Office Travel Blogger Awards in the Travel and Food Category.

The winning prize is £5k to spend on the trip of a lifetime, so if I want your vote I guess it’s only right I explain what that would be.

In the States, I’ve ticked Florida and NYC off my list but the USA – a country that spans beaches, oceans, mountain ranges and vast deserts – has so much more to it that I want to experience and is at the top of my dream destinations list.

I would kick things off in the south, eating my way from New Orleans up to Nashville sampling the flavours of the American south as well as the music by stopping at Graceland on the way (I’m a HUGE Elvis fan).

Blog post map

Then I’d love to head east through Washington D.C and visit the capital before stopping off at NYC one more time to catch a Broadway show, something I missed out on the last time, as well as heading out for a weekend of sun in the Hamptons.

I’d then round the trip off by finishing an experience of a lifetime in Boston, a place I’ve been recommended loads of times by people but have never had the chance to experience.

This dream trip barely scratches the surface of the US as a whole, I mean it doesn’t even touch the West Coast, but a country so vast can’t be conquered at once so this trip would tick off more than a few bucket list items.

This is a trip I’m sure I’ll take one day, but if you do fancy helping me along a little you can vote for me to win the award here and hopefully have the opportunity to visit some of these places at last:


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