More Things I Thought About Adults As a Child That I Now Know Aren’t True

‘It’s so easy for adults to wake up early.’


You have no idea how much I wish this were true, but it just isn’t.

Waking up on a Monday morning is hard, and then it just gets harder and harder over the course of the week and before you know it it’s Friday.

I still have hope for this one though, it might get easier eventually (hopefully).

It’s so exciting and fun staying up late.

Remember having a bedtime? How crazy was that.

I used to dream of the day where I would be a wild grown up who stayed up late doing a whole load of fun things.

Reality: In bed by 9 with a cup of tea watching Gilmore Girls.

bridget jones.gif

‘School is such a long day I can’t wait until I start work.’

A British school day is 9-3PM. 6 HOURS.

4 and a half hours if you don’t count lunch and break.

That is NOTHING! I remember thinking how hideously long the school day felt and pining for the day that i’d put a fun outfit on and go to work.


Luckily I really enjoy my job so it’s certainly better than school, but finishing at 3.15pm everyday? I wouldn’t complain!

Hangovers become less severe.

Now granted, this isn’t a thought I had as a child. But when I was in the depths of student life suffering a sever hangover from copious amounts of Cheeky VK from the night before I thought – surely i’ll get used to this.


Never. If anything it gets worse – but then maybe it will get better eventually? I’m not sure, maybe i’m just a massive hangover wimp.

Twenty three is so old – like, married-with-a-house old.

I genuinely recall hearing that someone was 23 when I was a child and thinking oh my goodness, that’s peak adulthood. Marriage, house, all the grown up things.

I wasn’t the best at maths when I was younger but even so, what was I thinking? At 23 I can firmly say that my life revolves around weekend plans with my pals and the most responsibility I have is keeping the succulent my two besties bought me alive.


This is actually something that i’m glad isn’t true and i’ll definitely be in denial about adult life for the forseeable future…

ICYMI: Part One Here!


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