Free Things To Do In London That Are Actually Really Cool

London is fab, amazing, great wonderful, and many other positive nouns, but often not cheap.

When googling free things to do in London, the same bland boring suggesting appear that aren’t very indicitive of ALLLLLLLL the lovely things LDN has to offer.

And if i see ‘a walk along the Southbank’ on any more ‘Free Things To Do In London’ lists I’ll eat my hat, and coat, and scarf.


Sky Garden

Like many European capitals, London is a city full of views. You’ve got the London Eye, The Shard, The Orbit etc ect, all offer breathtaking views and all cost a pretty penny.

Enter Sky Garden.


It’s in slap bang the middle of the City of London (Fenchurch Street) so gives 360 views that stretch as far east as Greenwich and the Olympic park and as north as Ally Pally. It also towers over iconic landmarks such as HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge and dwarfs the London Eye giving you a unique perspective of all of London’s icons at LEGO size.

It is, of course, completely free but its essential to book a time slot in advance and it gets booked a couple of weeks ahead so planning is key here!

Visit the Sky Garden website to book here and here’s a more in depth blog post about the time I paid it a visit.

Leicester Square See-saws

A recent addition to the city but it HAD to go on my list because they’re so central and so freaking fun!

An art installation consisting of 15 light-up and singing see-saws has just touched down in Leicester Square.


The see-saws were previously in Montreal, Canada and have arrived in London to spend October thrilling tourists and excited office workers on their lunch breaks (guilty).

Catch ’em in W1 up to the 27th October.

God’s Own Junkyard

If you can bear to tear yourself away from the buzz of central London and head East you’ll find lots of freebies and once such gem is tucked away in Walthamstow.

Gods Own Junkyard belongs to ‘neon man’ Chris Bracey who creates neon art and signage using props and salvaged signs.

His shop/gallery is open for visitors and even has a quirky cafe called ‘The Rolling Scone’ in case you’re feeling peckish!

The House of Minalima

No matter where you are from a trip to London isn’t complete without Harry Potter antics.

And we aren’t spoilt for choice! There’s the Warner Bros Studio Tour, Harry Potter Bus Tour, the REAL LIFE platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross and most recently…..The House of Minalima.


‘That’s not a house at Hogwarts’ I hear you cry!

Nope it’s actually a showroom for the graphic designers of the ACTUAL Harry Potter film series.

They designed all of the artwork from the Marauder’s Map and the Daily Prophet to the packaging for all of Fred and George’s Wizard Wheezes and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans.

Their shop on Greek Street in Soho is open every day until 7pm (except Sundays, 6pm) and is a showroom and a shop for their work which includes two dedicated Harry Potter rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors – a must visit for all Potter-heads and free to enter!

The Wellcome Collection

It’s nothing special that museums are free in London that’s for sure. You can visit a portion of the exhibitions at the V & A, Science Museum, Natural History Museum and British Museum free of charge.

But the Wellcome Collection is not a museum you’d often think of and their exhibitions are always amazingly unique and of course, totally free.

Past exhibitions have included a Forensics theme which mapped out the scientific process from crime scene to court room and their most recent exhibition, Bedlam, charts the rise and fall of London’s infamous asylum.

Interesting stuff! They also host late events once every couple of months that are themed and include amazing talks by visiting lecturers and specialists – also totally free, but they get filled up so reserve your space in advance!


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