Deptford: Kitsch Bars & A Truly ‘London’ Market

Central London gets enough love, so each Thursday i’m going to be endorsing the underdogs on the outskirts of town with a new series of posts called ‘The Local Love Letter’.

First on the agenda? Deptford, SE8.

A hop skip and a jump onto the DLR or National Rail, you’ll be surprised to find that this little corner of South East London is actually TFL Zone 2 – so not that far out at all actually?



Stations: New Cross, Deptford Bridge, Deptford

Lines: Overground, DLR, National Rail

It’s perhaps most famous for its market that runs the length of Deptford High Street every Saturday.

It feels like there aren’t many markets like this left in London anymore so its a welcome sound to hear the shouts of a fruit and veg men and even the smell of the fishmongers.



But outside of its traditional market roots, Deptford has has some regeneration in recent years both in appearance and in the locals living there.

It has a heavy student population thanks to nearby University of Greenwich, Goldsmith’s University and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance which is situated by the creek.

Could this be a reason for the recent insurgence of bars along the high street and Deptford Market Yard? Maybe. But i’m not complaining.



Reasons to visit

Little Nan’s Bar

A Deptford native that had to up sticks in recent years, Little Nan’s is back in its hometown.

It’s a quirky bar in Deptford’s Market Yard (slap bang next to the station) that offers alcohol in kitsch surroundings. But they don’t just offer the conventional cocktails and beverages, try their Tipsy Afternoon Tea if you want to feel a touch more civilised during the getting drunk process.

little nans.jpg

The Job Centre

It’s not what it sounds like…well it sort of is. It’s a bar in what used to be the Job Centre on Deptford High Street.


By day it offers  delicious food and then by night you can have your pick of the cool events it offers each weekend on a revolving basis.

They host monthly Northern Soul nights as well as an eclectic mix of other musically themed evenings.

Still not convinced? Well I tried, but maybe next week’s Local Love Letter might convince you to give an underdog a go…


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