Deptford Market Yard: SE8’s Fave New Place

Thursday’s on The London Love Letter is the day of the Local Love Letter.

In case you missed the last one (Deptford), here’s what they’re about…

Central London gets enough love, so each Thursday i’m going to be endorsing the underdogs on the outskirts of town with a new series of posts called ‘The Local Love Letter’.

I know i’ve already covered Deptford, but last night something great went down in SE8, so I felt it deserved another bit of love.

I briefly mentioned Deptford Market Yard in my last post, but last night was the official opening.

It’s a collection of independent shops taking up residence in the railway arches by Deptford rail station and range from florists and hairdressers to restaurants and bars.

For me as a local, it’s a welcome addition to the area which I feel from talking to people has a bit of a stigma (of course as a local, I know that Deptford has more to offer than meets the eye).

The opening of the Market Yard last night was a bit of an open house, new and independent businesses flung open their doors and let everyone in to snoop around at what’s on offer…and theres a lot!

Here’s a run down of a few of the places that caught my eye…

Win + Ruby


A super cute gift/homewares shop that is full of reasonably priced nick nacks that you might only find in a shop like this.

Adorable necklaces, festive decorations, quirky greetings cards and truly unique gifts that make me – for the first time ever – want to head on down to Deptford and do some Christmas shopping.


The English Flowerhouse


Now this place is all my dreams rolled into one shop.

Beautiful flowers spill out of the shop into the street inviting you into a little flowery oasis. Every boquet and bunch is beautifully wrapped and as well as those you can buy potted plants, succulents and cacti of all shapes and sizes.


And being an English Flowerhouse, they have roses galore.


Little Nan’s Bar


The story of this bar is so Deptford orientated that it belongs in Deptford Market Yard!

The owner Tristan, used to run the locally famous Deptford Arms before setting up the first incarnation of Little Nan’s in Deptford 4 years ago.

They were sadly forced to leave 2 years ago but after popping up around London in New Cross, Nunhead, Shoreditch, Dalston and Hackney, they’re back home and everyone seems happy to see them!


It was packed full last night and I expect it will continue to be as they serve wonderful drinks in teacups as you sit in the amazingly quirky surroundings of the bar.

Deptford Market Yard, you’re my new favourite thing.


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