Visiting Bologna, Italy: Part Two

Day Three: After pretty much spending the first two days of our holiday plodding around the city, we thought we’d take the opportunity to chill out at the pool for a day as holidays should definitely be relaxing too. Also, the weather was forecast to be amazing and I didn’t fancy walking up the 498 steps of the famous tower in Bologna in the boiling … Continue reading Visiting Bologna, Italy: Part Two

Friends, Frites & Crème Brûlée

Now I’ve started going to the gym I’ve begun to take my ‘cheat’ days very seriously. Not that I’m on a super strict crazy ‘eat clean’ diet anyway, but i’m implementing far more greenery on the plate and less digestives with my tea as a rule lately. So on those days when I decide to let the veggie intake slip, I plan on indulging big … Continue reading Friends, Frites & Crème Brûlée